Mar 14

Behind the Pixels – Episode 8 – David Bailey and Vlogging

David Bailey produces great storytelling videos about life in Bosnia. His engaging films are produced using nothing more than a smartphone and a few apps. He likes to keep things simple. He also likes to keep the time he invests in producing films to a minimum.

In this episode of Behind the Pixels, he talks about telling appealing stories using smartphone video. He also gives tips about overcoming self-confidence or notions that your story isn’t worth telling.

Oct 13

How to Make Yourself Look Good by Making Someone Else Look Great

As storytellers (for ourselves, for our businesses) we face many challenges. Not least of which is that nobody is waiting for us to tell them just how smashing we are. “We’re dynamite, don’t you agree?” is a pretty thin storyline. Nevertheless, it’s one that many businesses peddle. After a while, the world merely shrugs its shoulders and moves on to more interesting things.

One way to overcome this is to shine the spotlight on someone else.

Take a look at the video here. Watch it all the way through because there is a relevant question coming up.


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