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Behind the Pixels – Episode 8 – David Bailey and Vlogging

David Bailey produces great storytelling videos about life in Bosnia. His engaging films are produced using nothing more than a smartphone and a few apps. He likes to keep things simple. He also likes to keep the time he invests in producing films to a minimum.

In this episode of Behind the Pixels, he talks about telling appealing stories using smartphone video. He also gives tips about overcoming self-confidence or notions that your story isn’t worth telling.

The Documentary Photographer Podcast – Episode 17: Denis Balibouse and the Gruyere Cheese Makers

Speaking purely from a selfish point of view: I could happily live out the rest of my days producing documentary photographs and films about artisan food producers. Being around them is inspirational. Their knowledge, skill and passion is infectious. Moreover, I like my food.

Gruyere cheese being made © 2013 Denis Balibouse
© 2013 Denis Balibouse

You can imagine, then, how excited I was when I came across the photographs and video that Reuters photographer Denis Balibouse produced of Gruyère cheese makers. He spent time with the Murith family between May and October last year documenting the making of Gruyère cheese on the mountainside. The experience challenged his assumptions about cheese making and traditional aspects of Swiss life, which he thought were under threat.

In our conversation, we talk about some of the fundamentals of documentary photography such as access and respecting your subject’s integrity and rights. We also look at the rise of video and its importance for us as documentary photographers.


Denis’ website
Denis’ blog post about his experience
Denis’ post on the  Reuters blog with video

Oceans Project Podcast – Episode 10: The “We Can’t Reveal That Yet” Episode

You’d think that marketing a solo row around Britain would be easy. To an extent it is. But there are some hurdles too.

This week on the podcast, we speak with Clare Jefferis of She Marketing, an agency that specializes in marketing to women. Clare is helping Sarah with all aspects of publicizing her row: from connecting with sponsors to getting press coverage. Sarah also has HUGE news… but she can’t reveal all the details just yet.

Oceans Project Podcast – Episode 9: Getting Poo Through Customs

In this week’s episode, you’ll hear that Sarah has been accepted on to a PhD programme and will be studying the cognitive effects of calorific stress on rowers. She will be her own first test subject during the Great British Viking Row. She talks us through the research and the delicate issue of faeces – one of the study’s key data sources. For instance, just how do you explain a box of it on your way through airport customs?

The Great British Viking Quest

One of the great stories that I have the privilege of helping to tell right now is that of Sarah Weldon’s “Great British Viking Quest”. We do this together in the weekly Oceans Project podcast.

In a nutshell, Sarah had hoped to row across the Pacific Ocean later this year. First as part of a four, then (after a crew shake up) as part of a pair. Sadly, when her remaining crew mate also left the project, she had to abandon it.

Now she plans to be the first person to row solo around Britain.

At the moment, the project is on a knife edge. The finances involved in such an endeavour are considerable and an important deadline is approaching. She needs to make a £7,500 deposit on the boat by the end of next week.

But before I give everything away though, why not listen to the latest episode of the podcast?

If you’d like to hear more of the story, you’ll find all of the previous episodes listed over on the widget bar on the right.